• Create and Context

    An exploration of context, primarily Modernism and Post Modernism and relating into to my creative practice.
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London Fashion Weekend

I was working backstage over fashion weekend, dressing models and assisting the stylist. Advertisements

Achebe and Conrad

Modernist: Joseph Conrad Post Modernist:  Chinua Achebe a Nigerian writer. Chinua Achebe author of “Things Fall Apart”, wrote an essay on Conrad’s text “Heart of Darkness”  critising Conrad’s presentation of colonial Africa and declaring him “A bloody racist”.  The essay entitled “An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness”, explores both the narrator of … Continue reading

Good copy Bad copy

Good copy, bad copy explores copyright predominately with music though touches upon Nollywood the Nigerian movie industry and in literature. Piracy has always been an issue for the music and movie industries, though with the expansion of the internet, it has enabled global copy infringement throughout methods such as file sharing, with a huge amount … Continue reading

I am human, this made me sleepy

Fredrick Nietzsche documentry – Human All to Human The documentary follows a stereotypical approach to the genre and does little more than give a biography of Nietzsche, interjected with opinions from experts which include that of Mandfred Ewart who reads from Nietzsches school report. Visually the documentary does little to engage the viewer, failing to … Continue reading

Modernism vs Post Modernism

We took a very post modern, abstract approach to this, finding comparisons from everyday life to represent modernism and post modernism. On a more serious note there are my notes on modernism as well.


A surrealism manifesto and my own manifesto of clubbing.  A challenge creating them in Indesign, and thinking about type and layout is not something I am very familiar with, I’d rather be behind a camera lens but at least I am trying.  Forgive the many typographical rules I may have broken.